Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh additions to the cast: Jace Nicole, Kami Locklear, Ryan Balas, Richard Buonagurio

Working on completing the casting for BF. Over the last week or so almost all the supporting character roles were cast (the rest are in the process of being cast at this very moment). Some of the recent additions to the BF cast include Jace Nicole (Cookies & Cream), Baltimore based actress Kami Locklear (who was cast in '08 in a yet unproduced movie idea of mine called Actress, and one of the scenes in BF - an audition scene - that Kami is in is one that was partially based off of one originally planned for Actress), and Ryan Balas (Sandcastles, Carter), and Richard Buonagurio (Harry's Judy). Will have a full cast list once the filming is completed later this month.

- Sujewa

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