Sunday, December 6, 2009

After the Date Number One screenings in December, back to work on Brooklyn Fantastic

So, a lot happened since we stopped filming on Brooklyn Fantastic in Spring '09: lot of day job work, got some bills paid, I moved to a new apartment in an awesome new neighborhood (!Sunset Park!, Brooklyn), lots of blogging, shot & edited a 2 Week feature named Unlimited Dreamtime (yet to be released) and now I am showing my previous feature - Date Number One - at an art gallery in Brooklyn (Aeon Logic) all December long (on every Wed & Fri), & am prepping to finally release the DNO DVD. On top of all that I am eager to get back to work on BF & finish it up! First things: need to cut - in January - Part 1 of BF that was shot in Spring '09, & I am at the moment writing Part 2 of the movie, in Feb the Part 2 script should be done & I'll get ready to shoot & edit part 2 in Spring '10. So, should have BF completed by the end of Spring, with a screening in NYC by the middle of 2010 (& DVDs, etc.). That's the plan for finishing BF.

In the meantime, check out these photos from the March '09 shoot if you have not seen them yet.

- Sujewa